Windfall Cider is an urban cidery based in Vancouver. We believe in making your own luck, and we’re here to turn the world of hard cider on its head. We find the best BC apples, the purest juice, and experiment with old-world cider making techniques to create a brand of hard ciders you’ve never tasted before. Like a little sip of good fortune in every can. Every can of cider is thoughtfully curated by us, so don’t miss this Vancouver cider house!

JACKPOT DRY CIDER, Made in Vancouver

You’ve hit the big one with this dry cider. Balanced and crisp with a bit of sweetness, Jackpot dry cider is made locally from a premium blend of BC dessert apples and a just a hint of tropical fruit on the palate. Made here in Vancouver, and definitely an “one of a kind” dry cider recipe.

Our Customers and Dry Cider Lovers

Windfall's Wild Card dry hopped cider is a nearly astringent cider with a lovely, refreshing aftertaste. As someone who can't stand the sweetened 'alcopop' or non-dry ciders, Windfall's Wild Card cider is close to some of the ciders I've had the privilege of tasting in England. It is a fabulous cider that I have enjoyed purchasing many times, and Windfall's lovely delivery service makes it even easier to indulge my cider passion despite having to hunker down during the pandemic.


Really happy to have found Windfall cider. I like a crisp, dry cider, and the Hail Mary and Jackpot ciders both hit the spot. They are dry, but still have a nice fruitiness. The delivery was fast and convenient. I will definitely be back for more!

Laura J.

Terrific service and delivery, nice to have a selection, great cider, not sweet, Canada needs to learn more about ciders other than the old soda pop style. Canadian wine has made vast improvements from the days of Calona Red, now its time for Windfall Cider to step up and show what cider should be. A Rose cider is a great change of pace from Rose wine, try it in a wine glass with ice. If you don't try Windfall Cider you are an idiot. 😉 (in my opinion)Loved this! Just a wonderful, fruity, refreshing taste - hard to stop drinking!!

Daniel S.

My new favourite summer drink!

Chloe M.

Loved this! Just a wonderful, fruity, refreshing taste - hard to stop drinking it!!

Hazel B.

Perfect for a dry cider lover!

Hannah L.

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