Windfall Cider is an urban cidery based in Vancouver. We believe in making your own luck, and we’re here to turn the world of hard cider on its head. We find the best BC apples, the purest juice, and experiment with old-world cider making techniques to create a brand of hard ciders you’ve never tasted before. Like a little sip of good fortune in every can. Every can of cider is thoughtfully curated by us, so don’t miss this Vancouver cider house!

JACKPOT DRY CIDER, Made in Vancouver

You’ve hit the big one with this dry cider. Balanced and crisp with a bit of sweetness, Jackpot dry cider is made locally from a premium blend of BC dessert apples and a just a hint of tropical fruit on the palate. Made here in Vancouver, and definitely an “one of a kind” dry cider recipe.

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